Welcome to Nexø Golf Club

Dueodde Golf Course

MONDAY - FRIDAY: 10 - 16, SATURDAY & SUNDAY: 10 - 12


Indistinguishably so but nonetheless established in part on the famous dunes of Dueodde, the Dueodde Golf Course is by all intents and purposes a links course with its dry and fast fairways and greens - one of less than a handful in Denmark and notably different from the other golf courses on Bornholm.

Situated practicably within walking distance of a huge number of rentable summer houses Dueodde Golf Course is easily accessible for golf tourists from all over the world, and with its affordable greenfee, excellent condition and discount corporation with the rest of the island's golf courses, Dueodde Golf Course is well worth the journey even off season, as Bornholm often has the most beautiful weather all the way into the month of October.

Dueodde Golf Course offers 18 holes in a relatively flat terrain. The front nine are fairly open and exposed to the prevailing westerly winds where as the back nine have a more woodsy appearance shielded for the most part by tall pine trees.

And yes - we speak English.

There are dressing facilities for men and women in the clubhouse.

Toilets can be found in the clubhouse and between holes 7 - 8 and holes 12 - 13.

There is a defibrillator placed in the gate by the entrance.